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Thursday, May 27, 2010

killer tips for skullduggery island

Once you get your map pieces in Poptropica Skullduggery Island, your next major goal is to earn the mighty warship and assemble your crew so that you can fight Captain Crawfish and then go on to find the secret buried treasure. But getting your warship isn’t easy and it’s very expensive. You’ll need a lot of doubloons to upgrade your ship and hire all of your crewmembers. Fortunately, it won’t take very long at all to earn enough doubloons through trade. I explained this briefly in my Skullduggery Island walkthrough video, but since a lot of people are asking questions in the comments about how to earn doubloons quickly, I thought I’d explain it in a lot more detail here.

The Basics
To earn money through trade, just remember one thing: buy low, sell high. You want to purchase goods from the ports at their lowest possible price and then sell them at different ports at their highest possible price. This gives you the most profit and seriously speeds up the process. Fortunately, the different ports have pretty stable prices and each port has a specific good that you can buy at a very low price and another good that you can sell at a very high price. Even better, the ports line up in a nice circular pattern. Here’s how it works:

Port Sell this Item Buy this Item
Bouffant Bay Silk Medicine
Parrot Port Medicine Spice or Silk
Golden Harbor Spice or Silk Grain
Pirate Outpost Grain Spice
Dragon Cove Spice Silk

So you can start in Bouffant Bay and just keep sailing clockwise in a big circle from port to port. Always buy the maximum amount of the low priced cargo you can at each port and then sell the maximum at the next port. That’s really all there is to it! Here’s a simple diagram that shows the pattern:

Trade in the ports in this order in Poptropica Skullduggery Island to get the highest profits.

Upgrade Your Ship
You’ll start off your trading on your rinky dink raft that the returning villager from Fort Ridley gives to you. You’ll want to trade up to the next ship as soon as you can because this tiny little boat doesn’t carry much cargo. If you’ve got the Cargo Master, then you’ll probably be able to earn enough profits each loop around the ports that you make. Sometimes you’ll need to do two loops. But each time you have enough money for a new ship, stop inside the ship builder’s shop in Dragon Cove and upgrade. The difference in cargo capacity between the different ships is huge, and always sailing the biggest ship you can will lead to the most profits. Here’s what each of the ships cost. Note that the actual cost is a little bit lower because you can trade in your existing ship for a small discount each time.

Ship Cost Cargo Space
Jimmy Rigger 3,000 60
Carabelle 9,000 200
Sea Sultan 30,000 600
The Koi 90,000 1,800
Steaming Fury 300,000 5,000
Phoenix Warbird 1,000,000 6,000

Get the Cargo Master Soon
One of the crew members is the Cargo Master. When he’s on board your ship, you can carry 50% more cargo than before and that means much faster profits. You can find him inside Willard’s Warehouse in Bouffant Bay. It only costs 15,000 doubloons to hire him, so hire him early on. It makes sense to hire him right after you upgrade to the Carabelle or Sea Sultan ship.

The Cargo Master is in Willard's Warehouse in Bouffant Bay.

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  1. I don't understand.... why do the ships and to hire people cost SO much? And I have been trying to get enought dabloons for almost four days now!!!

  2. So I hire the cargo master first?

    Is there a specific order to which crew member is to be hired first or can i hire themin any order??

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